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Guided & Self-Guided ELECTRIC BIKE TOURS

item imageNORTH LOOPSelf-Guided | 2-4 Hours

A blend of multi-use paths through the beautiful McDowell Mountain Ranch and DC Ranch Communities, this ride will feature it all. Ride past the McDowell Sonoran Preserve, and stop halfway at DC Ranch Market Street for a bite or a cold drink with lots of options for all riders. While on pavement the whole ride, you get a great look at the beautiful scenery that encompasses North Scottsdale. This one is a customer favorite!

item imageGREENWAY BELTSelf-Guided | 2-5 Hours

The most popular bike path in Scottsdale, the Greenway Belt; connecting Tempe to North Scottsdale, is now even easier than before. Starting from our store, follow the yellow dashed lines and ride in comfort the entire way, taking in the beautiful Scottsdale scenery, making this a true one-of-a-kind experience. Like all of our self-guided tours, you are never on the road!

item imageNORTH SCOTTSDALE TOURGuided - Pavement Only | 2.5 - 3.5 Hours

On this tour, see all of what embodies North Scottsdale. A combination of several tours, with a few extras, this tour is sure to take your breath away several times. Love amazing views? Beautiful homes? And desert scenery? This is the tour for you! 2 people: $155 per person 3-5 people: $135 per person 6-15 people: $125 per person

item imageDESERT TOURGuided | 3-4 Hours

Experience the beautiful North Scottsdale desert, and all that it has to offer. Fully immersed in the flora and fauna, enjoy one of the best desert sceneries in the world all while on the comfort of a Pedego Electric Bike. All tours are private tours with your group only and include helmet, backpack, water, snacks, and photos *The location is based on the rider’s abilities, roughly 3-4 hours total in length- with time for breaks/pictures On Fat Tire Bike or Kona hardtail/full suspension: 1 person: $295 total 2 people: $190 per person 3-5 people: $175 per person 6-10 people: $165 per person On Full Suspension Pedego Elevate, 6 people Maximum: 1 person: $315 2 people: $210 per person 3-5 people: $195 per person 6-7 people: $185 per person

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